Day: December 15, 2023


Discover Your Career Path at Holland Drive Residences’ Unique Institution for Post-Secondary Education from Engineering to Media Studies

Holland Drive Residences is proud to be in vicinity of Singapore Polytechnic (SP). SP offers numerous post-secondary courses, from engineering to media studies, catering for students with a range of ambitions. Such diversity in educational options reflects Singapore’s commitment to help students succeed and pursue their dreams.

SP, located close to Holland Drive Residences, is a unique institution that provides a variety of post-secondary education programs, spanning from engineering to media studies. This establishment is a testament to Singapore’s dedication to providing varied educational paths, acknowledging that educational aspirations come in different forms and are as distinct as the students themselves.
Holland Drive Residences is located near numerous parks and open spaces with amenities like playgrounds, walking trails, sports fields, and public art installations. Residents can get their daily exercise in Nature Park, the largest park in the area, or take a leisurely stroll around Shades Lake. For sports enthusiasts, …

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