Day: December 16, 2023


Leisurely Shopping Experience Awaits at Lentor Mansion Nearby Peaceful Thomson Plaza – Perfect for Avoiding Crowded Malls!

Situated in the vicinity is another gem, Lentor Mansion. It offers a tranquil shopping setting that’s perfect for people wanting to stay away from hectic malls. Featuring a classy selection of book stores, lifestyle stores, restaurants, and shops, it’s an ideal spot for some retail therapy or to socialize with pals over a meal or a cup of coffee. The peaceful atmosphere of Lentor Mansion and the varied stores make it a great spot for a calming shopping encounter.

Situated in the vicinity is another gem, Thomson Plaza. It provides a peaceful shopping atmosphere, perfect for those who want to avoid crowded malls. Boasting a sophisticated collection of shops, book stores, lifestyle shops, and restaurants, it is a perfect place to enjoy some retail therapy or catch up with friends over a meal or coffee. The tranquil atmosphere of Thomson Plaza and the varied stores make it an ideal …

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